At Shirtfaced™, we find ourselves at the forefront of the fashion industry. Never before has humanity been able to seamlessly and expertly combine shirt and face into one. Marvel at the grandiose nature of what unfolds before you, and hold on to your hat. Things are about to get bumpy. Let's get Shirtfaced™.


By now, you're probably thinking "what is a Shirtface™?", "what does it mean to get Shirtfaced™?" We don't really know. While we ponder the question, why not read a few reasons why you should buy one?


  • A Shirtface™ makes for a wonderful personalized gift for the hard-to-shop for people in your life (you know who we're talking about). Put that thoughtless gift card away and get your friends and family Shirtfaced™ instead.
  • A Shirtface™ is a delightful addition to your cluttered, and quite frankly stale, wardrobe. Treat yourself tonight and get Shirtfaced™.
  • A Shirtface™ is a great conversation starter. Nervous about your next blind date? Get Shirtfaced™ right before you leave the house!


A Shirtface™ is your shirt on a face. A Shirtface is your face on a shirt.